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What do THEY have to do with Internet Marketing?

What do they have to do with Internet Marketing?
Al and Joe.

Whether it's in Network Marketing, Internet Marketing, our health, weight loss, quitting bad habits - it takes persistence and using the right tools. The key is USING the right tools!

I have an interesting story I'd like to share - and it's worth repeating to everyone you know as it has an important life lesson we can all apply. It's a story about Al and Joe, goes like this...

Al is a seasoned fisherman. He likes to fish every chance he gets. He buys the best gear, watches those fishing shows, reads outdoor and fishing magazines, and is generally very successful with his fishing. He has even entered a few contests and has the trophies, plaques, and even some stuffed fish on the walls to testify to his success. He also has one of those singing fish on the wall by his front door, but that was a gag gift given to him by his buddy Fred.

Al's success has inspired Fred to take up fishing. He knows that Al enjoys it. Fred knows he is just as smart as Al and feels that he would make a good fisherman too.

He mentions to Al that he would like to go along on his next fishing trip and asks for Al's recommendation for the best gear.

Al explains about the need for a good fishing rod, the right bait, hooks, lures, nets, etc... He also loans Fred a few good fishing videos and recommends some articles he should read before they go fishing together this weekend.

Fred says, "I don't have time for the videos and who has time to read fishing magazines?" He decides he will just buy the tools that Al uses and he'll be well on his way to becoming a master angler. (That's "fish catching guy" for those of us that do not fish).

The big weekend comes. Al and Fred head out to the lake. They sit in the same boat at the same time and fish in the same part of the lake. They fish all day long.

They both start off pretty slow.

Al decides to switch bait, try fishing at different depths, and a few other changes here and there. Soon, he's catching fish and having a great day.

Fred, on the other hand, hasn't caught a thing all day.

"This stupid rod must not be working right.", he says.

After a few more hours, he becomes more frustrated. "I bet this bait is not any good. Let me have some of yours, Al.", says Fred.

Al is more than happy to share and lets Fred borrow whatever he needs.

The day continues on and we can pretty much guess how things end for Fred. No fish.

Al has caught his limit (again) and has a big smile on his face. "I love fishing!" he says, slapping Fred on the back as they climb out of the boat to head home.

Fred is thinking that the guy at the store ripped him off.
Fred is thinking this fishing stuff is a scam and Al must be in on it.
Fred is thinking that his bait must not have been any good.
Fred is thinking that he's just not "lucky" like his buddy Al.
Fred is thinking that there weren't any fish on his side of the boat.

Fred is frustrated. "All I caught was an old boot" he tells Al.

Al says, "That's because you had your line too deep".

"Too deep?" Fred asks. "What does that matter?".

"Fred", Al asks, "did you watch those videos I loaned you?".

"Videos? I want to FISH!", says Fred. "Besides, I bought the same gear you use and I was in the boat right next to you. I just don't think this fishing stuff is for me."

Al just shakes his head and throws the day's catch into the cooler in the back of the truck.

Today, Al is still catching fish. He has a few more trophies on his wall. He still watches his favorite fishing shows and has added a few more fishing magazines to his collection.

Fred just knows that it is all a big joke and has given up on fishing. He is sure that Al will "wake up" some day and realize what a scam that fishing stuff really is.

He did, however, see a very interesting commercial about skydiving on television the other day. He has already talked to someone that can sell him the best gear out there and he's looking forward to his first jump.

Lessons? Who has time for learning? Fred can't wait to feel the rush of wind on his face as he free falls from 7,000 feet!


Just about every day, I have this basic conversation with business associates and marketers from all over the world.

No matter what business you are in, success is always the result of taking consistent, focused, and informed action.

Too many times, I see people get caught up in "busy work". They may buy some great tools but never actually learn to use them. They may be working "hard" but not "smart". They may be running all over the place from meeting to meeting making sales calls but have no real plan for effective presentation or closing strategies.

Even worse, I often run across sales people that don't take any consistent action at all. They keep wondering why they aren't making any real money when others seem to be "raking it in". When I ask them what they did today to build their business, they either can't give me an answer or they have a list of "busy work" that will never result in actual sales. I have seen sales people spend the afternoon organizing their desks so that paper, clips, pens, etc... are all organized and ready for the next deal that comes through the door. But when I ask them what they are doing to cause that business to come through the door, they just give me a blank stare.

Take the time to learn the tools.
Take the time to use the tools wisely.
CREATE your success by taking consistent, focused, informed action each and every day.

Soon, you can be "reeling 'em in" like Al and others will ask you what your "secret" is.

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